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XI'AN CHANGDA TITANIUM PRODUCTS CO.,LTD(XACD) is a titanium products factory specializing in bicycle parts manufacturing. We are located in Xi'an Shaanxi- the center of the Chinese aviation and titanium industry-where we have an abundance of readily-available ,highly-skilled technicians and assemblers. Our customers refer to XACD as "the best titanium bicycle products manufacturer."

Titanium is 43% lighter and has a tensile strength greater than steel,yet is more flexible frames,resilient and extremely corrosion resistant. Titanium is without a doubt the ideal material for bicycle frames,parts and components.

With its highly-skilled production staff and strict quality control supervision. XACD is capable of providing a broad range of titanium products,including frames(mountain frame,road frame,triathlon frame,BMX frame,cycloss frame),stems,seat posts,bar ends,bottom bracket sets,titanium brake studs,brake stiffener,titanium mufflers of racing motor(muffler outer casing and core),frame parts(rear dropout set,bottom bracket shell,double and triple cable stops,brake bosses,MTB stem heads),100% Ti3A1-2.5V tubing,disc brake and also small accessories such as nuts,screw and bolts. Beyond the standard range of products,XACD also provides OEM manufacturing services for clients' custom work who present designs for exclusive manufacturing at XACD. All of our products are exported to America,Japan and southeast Asia.

XACD can also provide customers with non-bicycle related titanium products upon request.These include:Raw titanium material£­Ti-ingots,bars,plates,strips,
castings,wire and powder.Our other products include:poles,suitcases,foils,
watches,micro-porous filters,etc.

The quality of our company's product is high while our cost to you is low.You will be insured superior merchandise if you choose us as your supplier.If you're interested in our products,please contact us.

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